H2eCommerce Team

What characterises H2eCommerce is our ethos; we believe in unlocking the potential in our people.

Our senior management team is an excellent mix of individuals who bring with them experience and knowledge from both our own industry and other work environments, and young people who have joined us direct from university and grown with the business. This diversity provides a team combining experience, enthusiasm and knowledge.

We pride ourselves on investing in our people, in terms of training and mentoring. Our aim is to always provide excellent quality and service to our customers and treating our own people well is the first step in delivering excellence.

H2eCommerce Team Activities & Fund Raising

H2eCommerce Team

Snowdon - Down again

St Lukes's Midnight Walk

H2eCommerce Summer Party

Our staff are supported by both internal and external training, which includes financial assistance to pursue professional qualifications. Many of the staff joining us from outside the industry have the opportunity to visit production facilities in China, the Czech Republic, Poland and Morocco - to see at first hand product manufacture and learn what constitutes a quality product.

We also believe in simple and transparent communication. We aim to provide each team member with a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) plan against which they are measured and these KPIs form part of the basis of the Annual Review process, applicable to all staff - providing the opportunity for a two- way discussion. We also operate a Staff Council, again to promote a two-way communication process.

We operate a flexible approach to working hours, and in some cases home/work location, to support a team member when personal circumstances change, allowing the individual to continue with their career and ensuring we retain their expertise.

Our staff turnover level is low - we have many staff who have been with us from the outset and many staff who have progressed through different departments and positions allowing both business and personal development. Whenever possible, we look to promote from within and when new business ventures arise, we like to open the door for existing staff to diversify and take on these new opportunities - again developing their own skills and knowledge and helping to take the business as a whole forward.

There is never a dull moment at H2eCommerce; new business challenges, charity fundraising for local causes, summer barbeques and team-building mountain expeditions. We recognise the importance of getting the job done, but we know that more can be achieved with a sense of enjoyment and humour.